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Michaela Kelso
Candidate for State Representative, Position 2, 6th Legislative District

About Michaela

Michaela was born as the middle child to working-class parents in Germany. After she met and married her husband, she immigrated to the US in 1993, where she soon decided to join the US Army.

During her military career Michaela worked multiple positions, from Food Service to Personnel Administration and Source Operations, being recognized for her hard work and integrity at all levels.

While on vacation in 2009 Michaela and her family visited Spokane and fell in love with the area. They bought a property in Chattaroy, and finally moved here in 2018 after Michaela and her husband retired.

Since her retirement Michaela has taken classes at Spokane Community College and volunteered with several campaigns, the Spokane County Democrats, as well as the 6th and 7th LD Democrats.

Her message to you:

I served our country for almost half my life, and I am not done yet. I look forward to working for all of you.
Policy Positions

  • Rebuilding our Middle Class! Too many of our friends and neighbors are struggling due to inflation while many companies are raking in record profits. Special interests are trying to control our children’s education. This needs to stop NOW!

  • Education is Key! We need to ensure that ALL children can get the best education available. It shouldn’t depend on where you live, or how much money your parents have. Michaela Kelso will work to ensure that our schools are well funded, and our educators are paid wages commensurate with their responsibilities. When our kids are well educated, we all win.

  • Protecting our Rights! Our parents and grandparents fought hard to ensure their children had a better life. We need to stop this back rolling of our rights because of conspiracy theories and lies. Voter fraud is extremely rare and eliminating the few cases does not require massive restrictions of the rights of the millions of honest citizens.

  • Women's Rights are Human Rights! Let's keep politics out of private medical decisions. No pregnant person should be forced to carry a fetus to term if they don't wish to do so. We have more than two options when it comes to reproductive rights. So let's make abortions rare by providing free birth control to all who want to use it.

  • Healthcare is a Human Right! We are approaching a healthcare disaster after two years of non-stop stress and abuse of our Nurses and Doctors. And our vulnerable communities will suffer the most. We need to fix our broken system that benefits corporations more than us. Going to the doctor, having surgery, giving birth shouldn't leave anyone unable to pay their bills. Our seniors shouldn't have to ration medicine or food. Everyone should be able to see a doctor before their condition becomes an emergency. Let’s work together to lower healthcare costs and make sure our medical workers are respected.

  • Investing in our Healthcare! Medical Personnel deserve our respect, not conspiracy theories. They deserve thriving wages, not pay cuts. Rural hospitals need to remain open to keep rural communities thriving. Paid medical leave is critical to ensure workers can get well without having to worry about not being able to make rent. Michaela Kelso supports a move towards a single payer system, even in increments.

  • We need to fix the housing crisis! The cost of housing has skyrocketed in the last few years, making renting, let alone buying a home, too expensive for many. We need to encourage the construction of multi-family homes, creating medium density and mixed-use residential areas, and reduce urban sprawl. If necessary, municipalities should be able to implement rent controls to ensure residents aren't priced out of their homes.
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