The Date and Time We Pick
Some Address we pick
Canvass launch at location xyz
Friends, join us on DD MMM at 00:00 for our next event name. We will meet at address to pass out literature and lists. Bring a friend or two!
What to expect
We will conduct a small meet and greet with our Candidate before taking off to our turfs.
Meeting and beverage
We gather at 00:00, drink coffee, introduce the MiniVan app, walk lists, and talk about how to approach voters. Michaela Kelso will talk about her vision, priorities, and policy positions.
On the Road in your Turf
At 00:00, we will share phone numbers and split up to walk our assigned turf.
Don't forget to update the app regularly to ensure the data is entered into the state database.
When you have completed your list (or you run out of time), text 509-609-4155 to inform the campaign that you are done for the day.
That Date and Time | And that Location
Participation in the event is free, but it is necessary to register to allow us to plan our canvass for the day.
Whatever Location
Exact address and location description
Contact us for any question via phone or email, we are always happy to talk to you and answer your questions!
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